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Druid Offices in the CHF

These Positions will assist the Future Council of 13 in the Leadership of the CHF.  Certain Groups within Heathenry should only be represented by members of that group.  Example, as a Man, I should not speak for Women.  A Straight Man can not speak for a Gay Man.  A Gay Man can not speak for Women.  I am sure there is a derogatory and bigoted joke in there somewhere, but it shall not be sought out.  A Dog can not speak for a Cat.  

Eventually, these offices will be voted for.  However, as of right now they are nominated and accepted positions.  Once we have enough members, in each subgroup, voting will take place.  Example, we have 1 Scota Druid and 1 Scota Family.  Said Druid gets Nominated.

LBGT Druid - Open

This will be a Druid who is a member of this community.  This individual will represent the LBGT Community and ask as a contact point if there is a problem.  Once the CHF is large enough and has enough LBGT Members, this Druid should actually be leading a team, a representative of each subgroup within the CHF LBGT Subcommunity.   

Scota Druid - Joshua Owen

Scota is in reference to the Egyptian Princess, both of them, and Egypts Influence on Scottish Celtic Culture.  This office is currently held by Joshua Owen of Calgary.  He is a Liaison between the Kemets, Dupots, and Egyptian Based Wiccans and Pagans.

Women's Druid - Jan Scott

Once again, there are certain things in Heathenry and in Druidry, that men do not understand and should not know anything about.  Once again, men should not be leading women in discussing and dealing with women's issues.

Saxony Druid - Open

Saxon was one of the tribes that settled between Modern Britain and Modern Germany.  They sit in an overlap of what is Celtic and what is Germanic.  This Druid would act as a Liaison between Icelandic, Nordic, Germanic forms of Heathenry.  The words are spelled slightly differently.  This Druid should also be a Godhi.  This Druid needs to be well versed enough to know the differences and similarities between Celtic and Germanic forms of Heathenry.  They must also know the differences and similarities between the different types of Germanic Heathenry.

Hyperborean Druid (Name in Discussion) - Open

Hyperborean is a Greek Word.  It means the Far, Far North.  It is a reference to a Druid named Abaris who is dedicated to Apollo.  This Druid will need to be well versed in  Liaison for TaTheians, Helenistics, Grecian and Roman Wiccans and Pagans.

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