Celtic Heathen Federation

Family and Tradition Forever

Leadership in the Federation

Leadership in the Federation is broken down like this.

A Council of Arch Druids sets base information.  The Virtues are Declared.  Simple Rules to be added to and altered by the Council of Arch Druids, that will be made public in the future.  No Laws will be changed until after they are made public.  These Virtues were decided by the Druids and Celtic Heathens that were here at the beginnings of this Federation.

Virtues of the Celtic Heathen Federation


  • Courage -  To stand strong in the face of fear.  Remember, danger is real, but fear is a choice.
  • Truth -  To speak the Truth even if it hurts you or others. 
  • Honor  -  To do the right thing even if it hurts you or others. 
  • Fidelity  -  To stand true with Relationships. To stand true with your Mate. 
  • Discipline -  To show Discipline in Life and be the example for your Children and your Kindred. 
  • Hospitality -  To meet people with open heart and open mind. To take care of your people and teach/help those who come to you. Do not give, if you have to take too much from your family or your kindred.
  • Industriousness - To figure out your life and how to get into and out of situations, with your mind and heart. 
  • Self-Reliance - Rely on yourself, Stand on your own two planted feet, and work for a living.  Do not lean, if you do not have to.
  • Perseverance - Do what it takes for you, your family, and kindred survive, without giving up your virtues.  When the world kicks you, kick back, keep standing and ask for more.
  • Loyalty - Stand true to your family, your kindred, your order, and the people of your nation.
  • Honesty - Speak the Truth, to yourself, your Gods, your people, and your Leaders.  Make sure your Spirit, your Words, and your actions match.
  • Justice - To understand that everyone has inherit worth, unless they themselves, through their actions, have given up that worth.

Laws of the Federation

  • To Guard and Protect the Ways of Our Ancestors.
  • To honor and show respect to the teachers of other ways.  If you disrespect yourself do not expect us to show you respect.  
  • To work together as Brothers and Sisters.
  • To protect and care for all sacred sites and burial grounds.
  • To protect those around us from the Dishonorable.
  • Fight for the Earth and its People, especially those who can not fight for themselves.
  • Love the Home you are oathed to and fight for it and its Totems.
  • Protect all Children, Pregnant Women, Mothers.  Without new life there is only Death.
  • Stand for and with those who fight, bleed, kill and die for your Home.
  • If Your Brother or Sister violates these Laws.  Put them to the ground and if need be turn your back to them. 
  • Following these Laws must be within accordance to the Laws in of the Home in which you are Oath to.  If your actions are not be ready and willing to stand strong and take the consequences.
  • Listen to Your God/Gods/Goddesses and what they have to say. 

Seven Precepts of Merlin

  • First: Labor diligently to acquire knowledge, for it is power.
  • Second: When in authority, decide reasonably, for thine authority may cease.
  • Third: Bear with fortitude the ills of life, remembering that no mortal sorrow is perpetual.
  • Fourth: Love virtue for it bringeth peace.
  • Fifth: Abhor vice for it bringeth evil upon all.
  • Sixth: Obey those in authority in all just things, that virtue may be exalted.
  • Seventh: Cultivate the social virtues, so shalt thou be beloved by all men. 

Each Kindred Runs itself, building on that base information.  

This will give Each Kindred a place to start, each one building on these.  Meaning the following.

Each Kindred will have the 12 Virtues, the Laws of the Kindred, and the Seven Precepts of Merlin.  Then Each Kindred will vote upon and come up with By Laws, building upon what we have provided.  Each Kindred is going to be different.

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