Celtic Heathen Federation

Family and Tradition Forever

Nation and Tribal Structure

Tuath - Tribe or Kindred.  Noun.  

  1. A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties,...

Tuatha - A Group of Tribes or Kindreds.  For us, a Tuatha for represent the Group of Tribes in a Region of America, later in other countries.

Nation - All of the Tuatha or Kindreds in a Country.

For our purposes.

Small Kindred - 4 to 6 members, lead by a Driao (Druid).
Medium Kindred - 12 to 15 Members, lead by a Ci Benn (Chieftain), with the support of a Driao (Druid).  
Large Kindred - More than 20 Members, lead by a Ci Benn (Chieftain), with the support of a Driao (Druid), Steward, Bards, and other Positions.

Right now Wild Hunt Order oversees Druid Training.  Wild Hunt Order will overlook a Druid's Training and make sure they know the Old Stories before the Federation will identify him or her as a Druid.  In the future, we will be working on building other orders to do Druid Trainings.  The Wild Hunt Order is a Druid Order that was started by former/current Military, Law Enforcement, and Martial Artists.  We were all Teutonic and Celtic Pagans who had been treated like garbage by the Neo Pagan Community.  We started drinking together.  We started sharing stories.  We started cross training.

Key Heathen Terms

Four Paths of Celtic Heathenry

Warrior - Noun.   A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.  These are not thugs.  They are men and women who live with a code of honor.  Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Military, or Martial Artists mostly.  They are dedicated to the Tribe.

Bard - Noun.  A poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.  They are Record Keepers and Storytellers.

Healer - Noun.  One that heals or attempts to heal, especially faith healer.  These are Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Therapists, Accupuncturists, Herbalists.  All of these are held in different regards .  

Priest - Noun.   A person having the authority to perform and administer religious rites.

Witch - Noun.  In Celtic Heathenry, a Witch is a Healer and a Priest.

Druid - Noun. A member of the Scholarly class.  In Celtic Heathenry, a Druid is a Warrior, Healer, Bard, and Priest.

Order - Noun. A Group of Druids and Witches, with a singular focused goal.


Kindred Terms

Ci Benn (Chieftain) - Noun.  Civil Leader of a Tribe, chosen from among the Warriors.
Driao (Druid) - Religious Leader of the Tribe
Steading - The Physical Land that a Group Occupies.  For it to be a Steading it has to be owned by the Kindred.
Steward - Keeper of the Steading.  Assists the Ci Benn in the Legwork of Leadership.
Black Dog - War Dog.  Punisher.  He is the Harsh Tongue for the Ci Benn.  He also assists in Civil Leadership of the Kindred.
Skald - A Type of Bard.  Keeps Records of the Kindred, specifically pertainings to the rulings of the Chieftain or the Druid.

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