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Druid Ranks

These are Druid Ranks that we use in Celtic Heathenry.

Apprentice Druid

Dedicant Druid


Master Druid

Arch Druid

Elder Druid

All Druids are Druids in public.  They are expected to act with honor and discipline in public.  They are expected to be the elite.  All of them do their best to be the example for other Heathens.  In front of Heathens, they are Druid.  In front of Strangers, they are Brother and Sister.  Heathens do not out Witches or Druids to Strangers.

Druid, Master Druid, and Arch Druid have Degrees.  First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree.  These Denote Experience and Skill Set.

Elder Druids are outside the Rank Structure.  They are Elders because they have the life experience that demands respect.  They are Crones and Sages.  They are treated with the respect that one would show an Arch Druid.  

Terms you might want to be aware of.

Blue Druid - A Druid who is more Bard, than the other 3 Paths.

Green Druid - A Druid who is more Healer, than the other 3 Paths

White Druid - A Druid who is more Priest, than the other 3 Paths

Red Druid - A Druid who is more Warrior, than the other 3 Paths.

By the time someone becomes a Master Druid, the colors are Gone.  They will always have their original leanings, but it is harder to tell which one they are.  A Master Druid is responsible for overseeing the Training of Future Druids.

Arch Druid Council

There are 13 Members of the Arch Druid Council, each representing a Region of the United States.  Each position will be filled by an Arch Druid or Elder Druid.  The Myrrdyn or Modrun is the Leader of the Council.  

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